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ALINE Dynamic Insoles

What are ALINE's?

ALINE insoles are a foot-suspension system used by professional athletes, weekend warriors and anyone looking a dynamic foot insole. They were developed in Massachusetts, on Boston’s North Shore. Visit for a full history and product description.

Nearly everyone can benefit from ALINE’s. If you pronate, or supinate, a fitting in our office, on the company’s patented diagnostic tool will clearly demonstrate any foot issues. Most custom and over the counter orthotics are designed and fitted statically. Your body is dynamic and in constant motion, which is why most static orthoticsfail or can be painful. We at SATPT will look at your body in all dimensions and recommend an ALINE insole for your needs.

How do ALINE's work?

ALINE insoles are designed to optimize the foot and its natural performance. The foot is a complex system comprised of 26 bones and 33 joints linked by a network of muscles, tendons and ligaments. When the foot is positioned properly, the body follows. Wearing ALINE insoles can help with a multitude of problems caused by foot misalignment including foot problems, ankle problems, knee problems, hip problems and back problems. ALINE’s can also help prevent future injuries, again, because the foot is the foundation of proper alignment for the human frame.

For athletes, improved foot alignment translates into improved athletic performance. ALINE insole’s support the foot in a way that allows for its natural range of motion, reducing unnatural movements caused by improper alignment. The result is improved performance, because the foot is in the optimal power position. Athletes around the country are discovering the benefits of ALINE insoles, including golfers, runners, cyclists, skiers, hockey players and skateboarders, just to name a few.

ALINE insoles and physical therapy are a great combination. Together they can help keep your body in optimal alignment. ALINE has looked to the root of the problem, seeking to fix the cause of the problem and not simply address symptoms.

Please call today to get fit for your ALINE’s and put your body in better balance!


A 2004 study by the American Medical Athletic Association concluded that athletes who want to optimize their performance should focus on their posture. It doesn’t stop there. In addition to improving performance, the study also concluded that improved posture can alleviate aches and pains, as well as prevent common sports injuries. Renowned orthopedic Dr. James Andrews of the Andrews Institute conducted a study with baseball pitchers that showed the IntelliSkin shirt improved the performance of baseball pitchers while helping to protect them from injury. As a result, most MLB teams now buy IntelliSkin for their players.

Good function will usually follow good form. IntelliSkin creates that posture awareness that will allow you to improve your form and function. With a combination of physical therapy and Intelliskin we can achieve maximum results.

Please call today to set up an appoinment with one of our skilled therapists. Please visit for a full product description.